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Saving the Bees with Style!

Jenny Bird Bracelet

How cute is my new Jenny Bird Wild For Bees Bracelet? All proceeds from sales of these pretty little things go to the Pollinator Project Canada.

My mom has been expressing her concern for the world’s bee population for years now.

Bees are incredible, industrious little creatures, vital to the earth’s ecosystems and to our food supplies. Oh, and they make plans through dance. Don’t believe me? Ask Isabella Rosellini:


And of course, as with most things, my mom is totally right and her concerns are very much valid. Our bees are in trouble. Their numbers have been declining drastically for more than a decade now, and unsurprisingly, it seems humans are to blame.

Between our use of pesticides, and our destruction of bee habitats, it’s no wonder more and more species of honey bees are becoming extinct.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help stop the destruction of these amazing, vital little guys, like supporting organic farms that don’t use pesticides, planting wildflowers, buying local honey from beekeepers (or, if you’re my mom, just go ahead and make plans to become a beekeeper yourself – if there’s a more proactive person in the world, I swear I don’t know who they are).

We can also make donations to organizations like the Pollinator Partnership, which works to protect and restore populations of pollinator species like bees, bats and hummingbirds!

As an added incentive, right now, fabulous Toronto jewelry designer Jenny Bird has teamed up with Burt’s Bees and designed bee-themed bracelets and earrings with 100% of the proceeds from sales of these little pretties going towards the Pollinator Partnership Canada.

I love mine and have found they’re a great conversation starter to spread the message about the importance of protecting some of the world’s tiniest, most precious little creatures.

On a related note, has anyone read Douglas Coupland’s Generation A? It’s looking more and more like a spooky glimpse of the near future than a work of fiction, no? 

11 Responses to Saving the Bees with Style!

  • Manda says:

    I picked up a bee bracelet of my own after I saw your tweet about it several weeks ago! They’re so pretty and, like you said, a great conversation starter. I also picked up a bracelet and earring set for a friend, who LOVES bees more than anyone I know and has a birthday coming up. How handy!

    • metamorphocity says:

      That’s awesome! We’re blacelet buddies! (ten cool points to whomever gets that reference)

  • mandy says:

    Definitely need to get my hands on one of these!! I love that I’ve been seeing SO much about bees lately, it seems like the situation is finally getting the mainstream recognition it deserves. Such good news.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Absolutely! I’ve gotten a little nuts about the bee situation lately. As in: every time I see a bee I get really excited and stop to give it words of encouragement!

  • Quinn says:

    I’ve been thinking about starting a hive… Apparently you can get about 25kg of honey a year! That’s half a me of honey! In two years I would have enough to make an accurate replica of myself!

    Bees are amazing.

  • torontohibs says:

    I adore this bracelet. it’s so cute. We’ve seen lots of bees over here during our walks in the countryside but there’s only wasps in Britain now and I hate them. The bees in Canada are different to ours – less stripy.

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