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Where to go on a Date in Toronto

Southern Accent Toronto

Mirvish Village’s charming Southern Accent Restaurant boasts amazing eats and an in-house psychic!

As much love as I have for Toronto, I will acknowledge that “love” is not the first thing you might associate with our skyline.

Somehow the CN Tower’s silhouette, while impressive in its own way, just doesn’t lend itself to romance the way, say, the Eiffel Tower’s lacy and intricate structure does.

That said, this time of year, the cold brings with it plenty of excuses to cozy up to some lovely someone in the city.

With that in mind, and the help of some of my trusty Toronto advisers, I’ve come up with a list of places to take your sweetheart that will surely help you see the city in a different light.

Escape chilly northern nights at Southern Accent, a sparkling, mysterious treasure box of delicious spicy Cajun food to get your blood pumping. They have amazing cocktails AND an on-site psychic, if you dare to find out what the future has in store for you and your lovebird.

For thrill-seekers with $175 to spare, the CN Tower edge walk would definitely make for a memorable date.  Plus, if you’re one of those Torontonians who has no fondness for the image of our iconic sky-scraping structure, look at is this way: if you’re dangling from the edge of it, you don’t have to look at it.

For a slightly less terrifying, but equally spectacular view of the city, Emily recommends swapping your jumpsuit and harness for some fancy duds and popping up to the Panorama Lounge at the top of the Manulife Centre for a romantic cocktail or two.

Take your beloved bookworm to BMV Books – Not your typical date spot, I grant you, but someone who knew I was a reader once took me there on the way to dinner and insisted we run around the giant used bookstore and pick out a book each that the other person then had to read. It was a fun way to break the ice a little before dinner and I really appreciated that he had obviously paid attention to my interests and put a little creative effort into our date.

Cozy up with tea or hot chocolate in the (fairly ostentatious) sumptuous purple dining room and treat your honey to a little box of beautiful bonbons to take home from the sparkling, jewellery shop inspired chocolate boutique on your way out the door of Moroco Chocolat in Yorkville.

Though she acknowledges it isn’t situated in a particularly romantic area, Emma says lately she swears by bistro cafe Zocalo for a cheap and cozy (and flatteringly lit) date spot. She also says, and I quote: “There is also an outrageous hipster tea shop across the street, so if the date doesn’t go well and you need a confidence boost, just pop over there and you’re guaranteed to be hit on by half a dozen toque-wearing bearded men who will try to tell you about their performance art. I’m not exaggerating.”

So. there’s that.

Step inside the Sultan’s Tent to feast on seriously incredible Morrocan food and be entertained by equally incredible belly dancers.

For the Goth couple, a stroll through the gorgeous and historic Mount Pleasant Cemetery is the perfect way to while away an afternoon (or for the really goth couple, an evening).

The Distillery District (another Emily recommendation) is terribly charming in a cobblestone sort of way. There are plenty of galleries and shops to poke your head into, and it’s also host to an annual Christmas market. Mulled wine by an outdoor fireplace anyone?

For adventuresome winter dates, pack a flask and a thermos of hot chocolate, and go tobogganing either in High Park or at Riverdale.

And for the super successful date, Emily also suggests breakfast at Aunties and Uncles.

Also, if you’re an app-y sort of person, this week, Toronto is the featured city on Spotted by Locals and they are offering a free app download of our fantastic city guide, so be sure to take advantage of that while you can!

Do you have a go-to great date spot? Have you ever been on a really unique, memorable date? You know I want to hear about it in the comments! 

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5 Responses to Where to go on a Date in Toronto

  • Sam says:

    Loved this! I’m going to forward this email to anyone who I want to take me out as a subtle (or not so subtle) hint. Another great idea for a date is going to the County General and picking up a picnic basket which includes a delicious meal and a fun game, like badminton. You could then go to Trinity Bellwoods and have a lovely date! I also love board game cafes for a date like Snakes and Lattes or Castle. As a non-drinker, I love when someone suggests a fun activity date as opposed to a bar.

  • Frank says:

    This article was clearly written by somebody who does not live in Toronto, and has received generic and mediocre advice from a couple friends who live here. I could suggest 5-10 much more unique and intimate places to get to know someone, however then I would be doing the blogger’s job. Next time, do your research and don’t waste our time with something we could’ve found by typing “Toronto date spots” into google.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Hi Frank,

      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find any of my suggestions helpful. I can however, assure you that I do live in Toronto (as is probably evident from my “My Toronto” page), am still getting to know the city and made this list in part to remind myself of places I have been or places that have been suggested to me that I would like to go next time I can’t think of what to do for date night, and in part in the hopes that some of my readers might contribute some more ideas. It’s by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of totally new, unique date spots for jaded veteran city-dwellers. Though I have to say, I don’t think you’d find BMV books on too many other date spot lists.

      Happy dating!

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