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My Week as a Cat Lady

Snuggly Grey Cat

Hey pals, thanks so much for the congrats about the new job and the concern about my health. I happily do not have diabetes, just an insulin-resistance problem from polycystic ovarian syndrome (which isn’t ideal, and means some annoying diet and lifestyle changes, but given the choice between that and diabetes, I’m grateful) as well as a couple of other additions to my steadily growing list of weird health issues.

Being so focused on taking care of myself and my health always gets old fast, so I was happy this week to take care of another ailment-addled creature, my friend’s kitty.

This 2-year-old fuzzball was a resident of the Toronto Humane Society but since he has a compromised immune system from feline leukemia, he had a hard time staying healthy around other cats, so my sweet pal took him home.

When he told me he’d be out of town for a week, I jumped at the chance to play babysitter, despite my cat allergies.

I have to say, I finally get why so many of my friends are obsessed with their cats. He’s such a funny and dear little creature. It’ll be strange to go back to waking up with no one licking my face and no little paws kneading at me in the middle of the night and I’ll miss his hilariously expressive and shouty “MROW”s greeting me at the door and the way he likes to be carried around like a baby so he can headbutt me and tuck his head under my chin. So sweet!

I know it’s embarrassing to have people refer to you as a cat lady, but I’m starting to think that’s not nearly as embarrassing as being a lady who shows people photos of someone else’s cat. What say you, good folk?

Grey Cat

2 Responses to My Week as a Cat Lady

  • Kristine says:

    Hey there, I’m a new reader. I too have PCOS and there’s a wealth of information on lifestyle changes and its effects on PCOS. You’ll be fine ! So many women nowadays have PCOS. I would suggest PCOSdiva.com for awesome tips and recipes if you don’t know where to start. 🙂

    • metamorphocity says:

      Thanks so much Kristine! I’ve been finding PCOSdiva and pcosdietsupport pretty helpful so far!

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