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A Toronto Holiday Gift Guide

Love these Christmas in Toronto streetcar cards by Paper E. Clips from the Paper Place. via metamorphocity.com

Love these Christmas in Toronto cards by Paper E. Clips I picked up at the Paper Place.

My family makes a pretty solid attempt to not focus too much on the presents part of the holidays. Especially now that my brother and I are grown, it’s a lot easier to just bask in each other’s company and the warm glow of being home together.

We are also lucky enough to all have work, so when it comes to stuff, there’s not a lot we need (not to mention, none of us live in gigantic places with room for too much excess.

We also try to be mindful of how lucky we are, and we do a fair bit of charitable giving in each other’s names. It’s a habit we developed years ago, and I really love taking some time every year to think about the people our donations to amazing organizations like the City of Joy, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and of course, the near and dear to my heart,  Mother Nature Partnership will help.

That said, I really love wrapping up a few little parcels and squirreling them away under the tree and watching my family open them Christmas morning. I also really love the idea of shopping locally whenever possible, so I’ve been amassing gift ideas that can all be purchased in Toronto to create an up-to-date Toronto holiday gift guide over on Pinterest, and thought I’d share a few here in case any of my fellow Torontonians (or anyone else, really) need some inspiration!

I think my top three have to be these guys:

Christmas Brew from Bellwoods Brewery via Metamorphocity.com

Christmas Brew! via Bellwoods Brewery


Gorgeous, cozy Ontario pullover sweater from The Drake General Store via metamorphocity.com

Gorgeous, cozy Ontario pullover sweater via The Drake General Store

holiday macarons from nadege via metamorphocity.com

A holiday pack of macarons via Nadege (so I don’t have to bake them myself!)

Check out my pinterest board here for more awesome local gift ideas!

Though nothing’s going to top last year’s Christmas gift to my dad.

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