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To Market, To Market


This weekend we lost an hour but gained a little bit of spring. Red and I took advantage of the beautifully balmy temperatures to stroll over to the Junction Flea Market in the beautiful old Great Hall on Queen West.


I was immensely pleased with the latest addition to my jewellery collection and red braved trying on clothes in this ingenious portable change room provided by Bright Brown Vintage (at whose table I picked up some cute shades).

The whole thing made me nostalgic for the decidedly less hip, or at least less aware of its hipness, flea market I used to frequent in cottage country back in my small town reporter days. There were a couple of price tags that would have raised an eyebrow or two amongst the rural vendors. It is my humble opinion that $130 used sunglasses have no place at a flea market. Still, there were certainly deals and treasures to be had here and the food was definitely more impressive. It was a great way to spend a laid back Sunday afternoon.


I loved everything at the Wild Thing Vintage table. Owner, Erica Peck has a great eye for jewellery!


feasTO served up seriously delicious dumplings to fortify us for the treasure hunt.


I picked up some Cubit’s Organic kale, dill, and basil seeds at the market as well, but, as it will take them some time to become lovely plants, treated myself to some tulips on the way home to bring some of the taste of spring back to the apartment.


My new favourite necklace from Wild Thing Vintage, looking even more gorgeous in the sunshine!


How was your weekend, pets? Did you get a chance to soak up some early Spring sunshine?

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