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Little Luxuries – The Perfect Winter Coat

Soia and Kyo down coat. Now I just laugh at the weather.

Now I just laugh at the weather.

Having a winter coat that is thoroughly warm and weatherproof is an absolute necessity if you plan to step outside of your house during a Canadian winter.

Finding one that keeps you cozy and dry AND is also beautifully designed is a little luxury.

Montreal company Soia & Kyo manages to perfectly combine function and fashion to make my dream outerwear for snowy days. They are on the pricey side for me but luckily the styles are classic enough that you can wear them for years.

I love that their women’s coats are actually designed for women’s bodies. Even the warmest, down-filled ones like mine manage to avoid falling into the Michelin Man trap. AND the pockets on mine are fleecy and instantly warm up my cold little paws.

The best feature on this one though, has to be the huge hood. I used to get staggeringly irate at my old winter coat because the hood wasn’t at all functional. Any gust of wind would blow it off my head, leaving my poor ears to freeze and give me a horrible headache.

Not so, this bad boy. The huge hood snaps up over the collar (which handily zips up to cover your nose) and then it can be tightened around your face so that only your pretty peepers are left exposed!

Now if only I could find a stylish pair of goggles…

The perfect winter coat from Soia & Kyo

Have you guys ever stumbled across your perfect winter coat? Let me know in the comments!

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Out of Hibernation in Toronto

snow creature

This tiny snow creature outside a restaurant made me laugh. I do love a little whimsy in my day.

There comes a point every winter where despite my hibernatory instincts, I get so sick of being indoors that I get an irresistible urge to drag my friends out and play in the snow.

Apparently that point was yesterday.

I eased into my winter in Toronto activities with a snowy walk in the park and lured two adorable redheads out with the promise of hot chocolate at Nadege to follow despite the freezing rain warnings in the forecast (again).

Redheads in Winter

No fear of the cold here. Though Red and I were appalled at Niall’s inappropriate footwear. This is boots weather, my friend!

St. Bernard

Making new friends. This is Shamrock.

Toronto TTC Streetcar

The Queen Car. TTC isn’t always as reliable as one might hope, but it sure is cute in the winter.

Trinity Bellwoods park gate

Trinity Bellwoods Park gate.

Candy Cane macarons at Nadege

Candy Cane macarons at Nadege. Just so damned delicious.

snow and lamps in Trinity Bellwoods park

I love the way the park looks at dusk when all the lights come on in the snow. It’s like Narnia!

View of the CN Tower from Trinity Bellwoods Park in Januaru

Well, it’s like Narnia if you could see the CN Tower from Aslan’s house.

Next up, DJ Skate Night at Harbourfront!

Are you guys hibernaters or do you get out and enjoy winter activities?


Summer in Winter at U of T’s Hidden Rooftop Greenhouses

Great news, my fellow vitamin D-deprived Torontonians. I found the sun!


Apparently it’s been hiding out in the University of Toronto’s heretofore unheard of (by me anyway. I suspect at least some tight-lipped botany students were in on this delightfully dappled secret) rooftop greenhouses.



Admittedly my thumbs are not the greenest. I have a Ficus Benjamina and a couple of small plants about the apartment, but they really survive despite me. But I jumped at the chance to take a tour and bask in some tropical air and warm honeyed light.

The greenhouse did not disappoint.

_DSC0018 _DSC0073 _DSC0031

_DSC0027 _DSC0042 _DSC0049

Apparently U of T used to have beautiful greenhouses located more conventionally on the ground but they were relocated to Allen Gardens, where they are now used to teach tiny tots from local schools about plants. So, if you’re not able to finagle your way into a U of T tour, I highly recommend popping by the gardens to soak up some rays and breathe in that good green, earthy oxygen. Nothing beats the winter blahs like a little summertime basking.

Two out of two resident greenhouse turtles agree.


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