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Little Luxuries – Lush Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoos from Lush

A couple of months ago I looked around my bathroom and it occurred to me that the amount of plastic packaging, between body washes, liquid soaps, and shampoo and conditioner bottles I had clogging up the place was absolutely ridiculous.

However, since my commitment to the environment does not always trump my vanity, or just my plain old desire to be clean and stench-free as often as possible, I had to find a better alternative than giving up on bathing all together.

I haven’t yet sorted it all out yet, BUT, I have returned to using an old, environmentally-friendly, and just all-around fantastic little luxury favourite of mine: Lush solid shampoos.

These cute little cakes are seriously amazing. They lather up like crazy in your hands (the way you would lather a bar of soap) and leave your hair squeaky clean and soft.

I’m obsessed with the “Godiva” shampoo, partly because it makes my sometimes coarse hair soft, but mostly because it smells absolutely incredible. Though be warned, if you do use it, the conditioner bits in that particular bar don’t melt at the same rate as the rest of the shampoo, so you might be left with a little pile of delightfully scented, but otherwise useless solid conditioner morsels when you’ve used the rest up.

Have you guys ever used solid shampoo? Do you have any other tips for cutting down on toiletry packaging? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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