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Spring Fashion Forecast: High Heels and Depression


We couldn’t resist Golden Turtle’s Salad Rolls, or stopping to check out this Jack Layton quote in a schoolyard.

It was a weekend for fending off a threatening cold, catching up on sorely needed sleep, laundry and dishes; a weekend for retreating back into hibernation after the hint of spring we had last weekend gave way to flurries of snow and chill winds.

Still, come Sunday I couldn’t resist the beckoning sunshine, so I bundled up and met one of my cousins for some delicious St. Patrick’s Day Pho at the Golden Turtle and a stroll. In our travels we picked up a discarded copy of March Vogue someone had kindly left at the curb for whomever cared to pick it up (do people do this where you live? It’s really common in my neighbourhood and I love it! I’ve picked up books, a lamp, shoes and a coffeemaker this way).

Now, I realize this is nothing new, but it struck me as especially funny flipping through this issue of Vogue how almost every single model, who, while presumably is trying to sell us something looks confused or sad or angry. It’s like they’ve realized that their purchase of a Hermes bag has left them feeling just as hollow and unfulfilled as they did before they parted with whatever exorbitant sum they were charged for it.


Just a few of the angry/bewildered/bored faces found in ads in the first 200 pages of March Vogue. I think my favourite is the Chanel ad. It says to me: “but I haaaate Chanel.”


“This boat is awful. This sweater is hurting me.”

I couldn’t stop laughing trying to come up with different reasons for their expressions. But seriously, doesn’t this strike anyone else as odd? Wouldn’t you want people to look pleased to be wearing/using your product? Why all the grimacing? You mean, I too could look that miserable? Sign me up!


Maybe everyone just needs to take a minute and stop by the playground to shake up some smiles.


It worked for us!

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