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My Favourite Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Recipe

Leeks,pancetta and chickpeas with white wine and cayenne pepper

I love going out for meals in this cornucopia of a city. In fact, the sheer numbers and the diversity of the restaurants here is definitely in my top five favourite parts of living in Toronto.

Sadly, as I have yet to come up with a brilliant, non-degrading way to have someone else pay for all my meals, I have to come up with ways to balance out my restaurant spending.

So I’m Obsessed with finding cheap, quick and (sometimes) healthy(ish) recipes to make at home and take to work to save on lunches.

Recently I’ve been all over the simple, yet filling and flavourful three-ingredient combination of leeks, pancetta and chickpeas. So quick, and so tasty! Who knew!?

chopped green leeks

2 large leeks, cleaned and chopped
150g diced pancetta
1 tin chickpeas
White wine for sautéing and cayenne pepper for seasoning.

Throw diced pancetta in a pan, and cook on medium heat for a couple of minutes while prepping the leeks.
Add leeks and a splash of white wine (if you like – and I definitely do!) and saute until leeks are soft.
Add chickpeas and a pinch or two of cayenne powder and devour when chickpeas are hot!

Easy Peasy, as my mom would say.

(now I’m inspired to find a great recipe with peas to share so I can make that the title)

Do you guys have any tried-and-true money and time-saving recipes that get you through the week?

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Little Luxuries – Fancy Fruit

Pomegranate seeds in a wine glass

For someone who tries to eat lots of locally grown fruits and veggies, Canada in the dead of winter can be a smidge of a barren landscape.

That said, it does give me an excuse to treat myself to the little luxury of giving up the quest for fruit that hasn’t used environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels to travel a gazillion miles around the world and into my local grocery store, at least for a little while.

For me, that means I give up Ontario grown berries, peaches and apples in favour of mangoes and pomegranates and bananas like they’re going out of style (Wait, maybe they are. Mangoes are still hip, right guys? Right?)

When I was little I used to be really envious of kids who got packs of “fruit snacks” and “gushers” (remember gushers?) with their lunches while my snack was inevitably an apple, and I remember pretending that pomegranate seeds were gushers. I always loved the rich ruby colour of the little gem-like seeds and the sweet/tart burst of flavour on my tongue when we ate them at my aunt’s house at Christmas time.

It turned out though, I did not love the time it took to wrest the damn seeds out of their skins.

My life was forever changed a month or two ago when my mom sent me a link to this video showing you a brilliant way to free pomegranate seeds without spending one thousand hours picking them out one by one.

If you haven’t seen it already, and you want to eat a pomegranate even once in your life, you must watch it. Seriously. Game changer.

Do you guys eat seasonally? What are your favourite fruit preparation life hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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