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Could You go a Year Without New Clothes?

vintage prom dresses at 69 vintage TorontoWhat do you mean I don’t need another frothy vintage prom dress?

According to a recent eye-opening and kick in the ass-ing review of my last three months’ spending, I could not.

Which, of course, immediately made me want to try.

To be fair, those three months included my birthday, when I was generously gifted some funds specifically to put towards an “investment piece” I’d been hemming and hawing over for about a year. Still, it was shocking to see just how much I actually spent on clothing in just three short months.

It made me re-examine my view of myself as a fairly financially responsible person. Because the truth is, while I’ve been patting myself on the back for being debt-free, I really haven’t been putting nearly as much money as I could, and arguably should, have been away for a rainy day.

Apparently, no sooner are my essentials paid off for the month, than I head out to spend whatever’s left over on food, clothes and a retrospectively inexplicable number of trips to Shopper’s Drug Mart. I’m like a moth to an optimum points flame. Half the time I just wander in there to see what’s on sale when I need to kill time.

Looking over my spending, not only was I disappointed in how little I had squirrelled away, and what a ridiculous amount of my paycheques was going to retail therapy and lazy food shopping, but I was dismayed to realize that I’d become such a rampant consumer.

When I think about the things I value most in life, of course, most of them aren’t things at all. They’re people, experiences, nature and feelings. And while there’s certainly room there for enjoyment of stuff, fashion stuff included, I was a little crestfallen to realize just how much stuff I was enjoying, and how that might be pushing aside the experiences I’d like to think I value more.

So, while I might not be ready for the challenge of going a year without buying a single new item of clothing that I’ve seen some bloggers sign up for, I am going to make a concerted effort to cut way back on my spending, particularly in that area and go from there. Even cutting my clothing budget in half for a year would be a significant boost to my overall savings.

Luckily I hosted a clothing swap this weekend, and snagged some great new-to-me stuff from my friends, so that should keep the spending wolves at bay for a little while at least.

Baby steps, you know?

Taken in shoes I already own, of course.

Are you guys big shoppers? Good savers? Could you go a year without new clothes? I’d love to hear any saving money/avoiding buying clothes tips you have in the comments!

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Little Luxuries – The Perfect Winter Coat

Soia and Kyo down coat. Now I just laugh at the weather.

Now I just laugh at the weather.

Having a winter coat that is thoroughly warm and weatherproof is an absolute necessity if you plan to step outside of your house during a Canadian winter.

Finding one that keeps you cozy and dry AND is also beautifully designed is a little luxury.

Montreal company Soia & Kyo manages to perfectly combine function and fashion to make my dream outerwear for snowy days. They are on the pricey side for me but luckily the styles are classic enough that you can wear them for years.

I love that their women’s coats are actually designed for women’s bodies. Even the warmest, down-filled ones like mine manage to avoid falling into the Michelin Man trap. AND the pockets on mine are fleecy and instantly warm up my cold little paws.

The best feature on this one though, has to be the huge hood. I used to get staggeringly irate at my old winter coat because the hood wasn’t at all functional. Any gust of wind would blow it off my head, leaving my poor ears to freeze and give me a horrible headache.

Not so, this bad boy. The huge hood snaps up over the collar (which handily zips up to cover your nose) and then it can be tightened around your face so that only your pretty peepers are left exposed!

Now if only I could find a stylish pair of goggles…

The perfect winter coat from Soia & Kyo

Have you guys ever stumbled across your perfect winter coat? Let me know in the comments!

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A Whimsical Weekend

Maxi weekend

Spring sashayed her way back through the city this weekend, warm winds tousled hair, giggled sweetly and whispered promises of patios and open-toed shoes, reminding me I had seeds to plant if I want a summer full of fresh basil and dill and maxi dresses to purchase if I want to live my dream of never shaving my legs this summer.

With those critical items out of the way, I also popped out for a few meals with friends, including the very tasty gorgonzola gnocchi at Bocca in Baldwin village pictured above and some crazy-delicious tapas at Bent.

I also had a strange encounter with a woman outside one of the shops a friend and I were maxi-dress hunting in. She was clearly one of those souls who inhabits a slightly different reality than most, and she got a little in my face and asked if we were thieves. I assured her we were not, and she told me, “Ah sure, you’re a thief! You stole that neck!”

Whenever I have an encounter like that, I get all caught up in wondering what on earth it means and what it is that person sees or hears. What would convince a person that I somehow stole the neck attached to the rest of my body? And then I inevitably have this weird moment where I wonder if the person is somehow right, and I’m the one who can’t see reality. Did I steal this neck? I’d like to think that even in a reality where neck-stealing is possible, I was probably just framed.

Speaking of which, I framed a couple of prints I picked up last weekend from Sovereign State, a very cool little design studio on Dundas West. Joel, the designer behind the three I picked up was so lovely and accommodating in arranging a time for me to pop by and buy them in person when I was having trouble with their online shop.

I fell in love with these three on sight, partly because they had a sort of whimsical Beatrix Potter quality to them, but with a modern and very Toronto edge. I’d had my eye out for something local to hang on my walls for ages and I’m pleased as punch with these!


Bureau of Canadian Objects


Bellwoods Belle


Toronto Elevations

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