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Stylish Medic Alert Bracelets

Medic Alert Bracelet

It occurred to me recently that a woman with chronic DVT, a previous pulmonary embolism and a clotting disorder should probably be wearing a medic alert bracelet.

I wore one when I was still on blood thinners, but for some reason, once I went off them, I never bothered to update  my jewelry.

The bracelet I had before was fine. It did the job, the words all fit on it. But it was not particularly cute. And one of the links was a bit jagged and kept scraping my wrist. And, call me ridiculously vain, but I’d really like my next one to be cute. And not scrapey.

So far, my dear friend Etsy has yeilded the following prospects (as well as the one above):




I’m not sold on any of them yet. What do you guys think? Have any of you come across any simple, elegant stylish medic alert bracelets?

Also, for the record, I realize there’s probably nothing more dull than hearing about my medical issues, but guys, this is a style issue. Which is totally more interesting…right?

9 Responses to Stylish Medic Alert Bracelets

  • brookem says:

    I totally hear you— if I had to wear one, I’d want it to be stylish too! Or maybe what I’d want in addition to stylish, is something something simple and understated. That last one… well, I feel like that’s too… “in your face.” It’s a cool cuff bracelet but then people will ask, “oh that’s so fun, what’s it say?,” and I wouldn’t want to go into it all, but that’s just me. The first one though is sweet and simple and I kind of like that one!

    • metamorphocity says:

      Yeah, that last one really does seem a bit gargantuan. Especially as I have freakishly small wrists!

  • Alli says:

    Medic alert themselves have some nicer ones now on their website. It’s been suggested that I wear one because of my allergies, but I’ve had severe allergies my whole life and I’ve gotten around just fine without one. Then a few years ago I decided maybe I’d get one just for when I traveled so I bought one and put it in a safe place… a very safe place… I couldn’t even begin to guess where it is and I’ve never worn it. A very dumb move and I hope that you actually do where yours. Personally I like the top design best.

  • Irela says:

    I think this is a great idea. For somebody like my father, who has a heart condition and takes SO MANY PILLS, it’s a bit of a struggle. We always carry with us a list of his medications and his allergies just in case…It was his idea and I think it’s extremely important to have. Mom and I keep the information in our phones and in a little piece of paper in our purses. Lately I’ve been thinking about passing it to my boyfriend as well, since he is always with us…If you don’t want to wear the bracelet, it might be a good idea to do what we do? Just a thought!

  • Really interesting. I like the first one best. I’m in the market for a running ID and have had some similar concerns about ensuring that the information is presented accurately but that it isn’t clunky and hideous.

  • tripletsnyc says:

    I love this idea, but I definitely think it could be executed better. Perhaps something more similar to a locket so that all you private medical information is not able to be so easily read…

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