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Slumber Party

The bottom right photo is exactly how I intend for this weekend to look.

The bottom right photo is exactly how I intend for this weekend to look.

My friends, I am SO beyond ready for a long weekend. I don’t know what’s happened to my life this year, but it seems I am never not running in 8 scrillion directions at once.

I’m making an effort not to over-schedule this weekend. A little movie night here, a clothing swap there, and I treated myself to three bouquets of gorgeous roses from one of the amazing florists on Avenue road, north of Bloor (their selection of dirt cheap flowers is seriously amazing) to display around the apartment in an effort to motivate myself to clean and tidy to make the place worthy of them.

For those of you eschewing Caribana and looking to entertain yourselves and your friends this weekend, might I suggest a good old-fashioned slumber party?

We had one last weekend in honour of Red’s birthday, and, as usual, had a blast.

We wore pjs, ate candy necklaces, played spin the bottle, and did totally consensual makeovers (pictured above).

And, the icing on the cake?

That is one excited birthday girl.

That is one excited birthday girl.

A good old-fashioned DQ ice cream cake.

(Update: Apparently Bluehost is having some issues today which is why you may not be able to see some of the photos accompanying my posts today. Let me just assure you, they are awesome. Just imagine awesome photos depicting fun and frolic until this thing is back on its feet and everything will be as it should!)

7 Responses to Slumber Party

  • Emma says:

    Honestly, that is the coolest birthday party EVER. I miss my childhood birthday parties that would always descend into crazy screaming and wrestling matches on a leaky air mattress at four in the morning.

    • metamorphocity says:

      We totally had an air mattress too! Although I don’t think Red would have condoned wrestling.

  • Irela says:

    Aww what a sweet birthday! This reminds me of birthday parties with my cousins while growing up. Good times for sure 🙂

  • Manda says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm ice cream cake!!

    I love that you had a slumber party! One of my boyfriend’s best friends invited him over tonight for dinner and offered for him to crash at his place so that no one needed to worry about getting home safely after drinking/not making me stay up till late (my boyfriend’s staying with me ATM) and it reminded me of slumber parties everyone had as a kid! Now I want to host one, although my place is way too small for more than one friend at a time!

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