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She’s Alive!


In case you were wondering, it’s true! Unfortunately, no sooner did I finally find some time to sit down and get back to blogging, then I knocked a glass of water directly onto my laptop. You know, like the professionals do.

So, while I wait for a verdict from the Mac geniuses, I’m continuing my absentee blogger streak just a little longer. Meanwhile, you can find me over on Instagram, obsessively posting photos of tiny things I examine with my phone’s macro lens, or as viewed above, pining away for my laptop amongst the greenery.

I hope you guys are hanging in there, enjoying the summer with perfectly dry electronics!

4 Responses to She’s Alive!

  • Cassie says:

    Agh, I’m always so nervous I’m going to do that very thing! What a bummer, but hopefully you’ll get good news soon! In the meantime, enjoy being just a little less connected. It’s good for you. 😉

    • metamorphocity says:

      You know, it really hasn’t been terrible after the initial shock. Although the longer they take to get back to me, the more worried I am there will be an exorbitant fee to fix her up!

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