A Toronto Transformation

Saturday Night

What could be better than being a young woman in a vibrant city like Toronto on a Saturday night? There are plays and concerts and ballet to see; restaurants and bars and museums to visit; events and parties and galas to dress up for and always, somewhere, there is dancing.

I’ll tell you what could be better. And I shall illustrate it with the following conversation I had with a good friend at about 7pm on Saturday night:

E: I am being a total loser at home in my pyjamas.


S: This is why we are friends. 

S: There is a heating pad on my feet. 

E: Bahahaha!


E: Saturday niiiiiiight!

When the first real cold snap has whooshed its way up the streets laden with frenzied Grey Cup fans and settled on the city, when you’ve been running around for weeks now soaking up everything the city has to offer, I contend that the very best thing to do in Toronto is a little hibernating.

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