A Toronto Transformation

Reading Rainbow – The Ghost in my Closet


It’s that time of the month again! The wonderful time of the month when it’s my turn to post a little something for the fantastic collaborative blog with the terrible name, Pooping Rainbows.

Its intricate bead work shimmered and sparkled, winking and beckoning to me from the shop window.

I spotted it early and was suddenly glad we hadn’t eloped.

It slid on effortlessly, skimming here and hugging there.

Like him, I thought. A perfect fit.

We hadn’t yet decided on a degree of formality, but I figured it would be perfect for an elegant cocktail sort of celebration, or to wear as a reception-rehearsal dress if I suddenly found myself swept up in the idea of something more traditional.

I posed and twirled and shimmied in front of the mirror, grinning like the fool in love I was.

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