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It’s that time of the month again! The wonderful time of the month when it’s my turn to post a little something for the fantastic collaborative blog with the terrible name, Pooping Rainbows.

Of all the myriad mysteries of adulthood, there is one that stymies me above all the rest.

It’s not relationships or taxes or what the hell grey hair is made of (pipe cleaners? It’s something entirely different than the rest of my hair, I assure you.)

What I don’t understand is when/how in the world do people find the motivation and time to clean their grown-up houses?

This seems to be something that comes so naturally to every adult person I know. It’s not that they love it, but they see the necessity and they get it done.

You can drop in on them at any old time and rest assured that there will be a seat on the couch not already occupied by week-old clean laundry stubbornly refusing to fold and put itself away.

Me? Not so much.

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