A Toronto Transformation

R & R & Rheo Thompson Chocolates

A walk in the snowy woods

Between my full-time job, my part time job, my volunteer job and this blog, a gal can get mired down and lately that’s just how I’ve been feeling: trapped in one place while my feet do a Flinstones run underneath me. There is never enough time to do all of the things I mean to do or see all the things I mean to see. There certainly isn’t time to slow down long enough for proper R&R.

That’s why I was SO grateful to my past self for scheduling a mini-escape this long weekend. That woman damn sure knew what she was about. Of course, she couldn’t resist a little multitasking, so it wasn’t just me heading home to visit my family, but a little flock of my beautiful pals. Apparently, after last May, they can’t get enough of the place.

We spent a beautiful couple of days being spoiled by my parents and my brother, who cooked us gorgeous, energizing winter feasts, and getting our fill of (freezing) fresh air, sunshine and of course, Rheo Thompson chocolate.

It reminded me just how important it is to hop off the treadmill every once in a while and clear my head.

soft boiled egg and toast soldiers for breakfast

Rheo Thompson Chocolates

I don’t think we overdid it on the chocolate…


Team Meatballs!






Stratford Cenotaph in Snow

And how important it is to wear appropriate footwear to my hometown.

4 Responses to R & R & Rheo Thompson Chocolates

  • Jennie Saia says:

    People actually use egg cups! How delightful! That red coat with the slouchy hood is pretty delightful, too!

    Friends make my heart happy. Anyone’s friends, really. 🙂

    • metamorphocity says:

      I’m SO envious of that coat. And I’m with you on friends. I love that people just go around finding kindred spirits and then spending as much time with them as possible.

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