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Myers-Briggs meets Harry Potter

Harry Potter Myers Briggs personality chart

My office recently had all of the staff complete an online strengths test. It was a medium amount of interesting to learn what an online test would deduce about me from some bizarrely structured questions, nearly all of which made me insane because I wanted clarification or had a follow-up question of my own, but of course, there was no one to ask.

The results felt a bit like reading my horoscope in the paper. Some things were spot on. Yes, I do collect lots of information, yes, I’m a very positive person, and yes, I like writing and big words.

(Speaking of, did you guys know that the longest English word to appear in a major dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, and was invented in the 1930s by some jerk in the National Puzzler’s league, according to Wikipedia: “in imitation of polysyllabic medical terms, alleged to mean ‘a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine sand and ash dust (mostly volcanic silica ash dust)’ but occurring only as an instance of a very long word.” Puzzle that one out.)

And it did say a good career path for me might be journalism. Ha. Thanks test, where were you when I was 17 and freaking out about what to take in school?

A lot of it of course, was just very general, and sure, I could fit myself into the categories selected to describe me, but I could just as easily fit into others on the list.

However, test results I won’t dispute? The online Myers-Briggs personality test results that confirm what I have long suspected: I’m totally Dumbledore.

Check out the full size version of the above handy-dandy conversion chart to find out who your HP Myers-Briggs soul mate is here.


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