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My Love Affair with Toronto Farmers’ Markets


One of the things I missed the most about rural living when I first moved to Toronto was the easy access to delicious local produce.

There was an egg man, who popped by the newspaper office once a week with whatever the chickens on his ridiculously charming farm up the road had offered up for us, my neighbours often left sun-warmed, perfectly ripe and flavourful tomatoes on my car windshield (un-splattered, you understand) for me, and you couldn’t drive a kilometre in the summer without passing an unmanned honour-system corn stand. Culinary bliss!

Lucky for me My Market, a certified local farmers’ market, brings the best of the country to the city four times a week (at four locations)! They are also conveniently (for me, at least) not all early morning affairs. Some of them run in the afternoons until about 7pm so I can pop by after work.

They have a lovely selection of locally-grown fruits and veggies, locally-raised meats and my favourite, locally-collected honey. And this particular week, they featured what we’ve been waiting all summer for: fresh Ontario peaches.

So, Toronto friends, check their schedule and list of locations and get thee to market!

4 Responses to My Love Affair with Toronto Farmers’ Markets

  • Emma says:

    As is my yearly tradition, I have already made myself positively ill by eating too many peaches. They’re just SO good!!

  • Irela says:

    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful market around! Those raspberries look divine. I’ve had very little luck finding a good farmer’s market around my area. The best one it’s only open on Saturdays and I can’t make it half the time. I’m lucky to have a Whole Foods nearby, they have a lot of local options and we always pick those.

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! I was literally just browsing yours before you commented on mine, so that was super ironic! And I totally get the whole farmer’s market thing. I am obsessed with my farmers markets here in Virginia. And it helps that my best friend lives on a farm with a stand out front every summer. Eating fresh is sooooo good. 🙂

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ooh. How lovely to have a produce hook-up! I mean, I’m sure that’s not why you’re best friends or anything. 😉

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