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Must Reads – Peter Dewolf

Canadian blogger Peter Dewolf

I first came across fellow Canadian Peter Dewolf’s blog about five years ago when I started my very first blog.

We quickly bonded over our small-town adventures and struck up a pen pal-esque friendship that we’ve kept up ever since.

Peter writes with an easygoing grace and has the prized (by me) ability to make me laugh out loud with his quirky and quick-witted choice of words.

His series of “future wife” posts, where he chats with a fictional (or perhaps not so fictional now that he’s fallen for another fantastic blogger) dream woman about their life together, have a way of making me nostalgic for something I never had and I jumped at his challenge to write my own version of one.

In fact, Pete seems to be able to talk me into just about anything, as evidenced by the fact that I write once a month for his brainchild, the collaborative blog, Pooping Rainbows, despite my total revulsion towards its terrible, terrible name.

Pete was kind enough to answer a few of my questions to help us get to know him and his blog a little better.


What is the concept behind your blog and how did you come up with it?

I would say that the concept of my blog is that it is my writing notebook. It is where I experiment with whatever project is currently blowing my skirt up. Most people would use an actual notebook for such things, but my massive ego requires constant adoration. So I loved the immediate feedback that I received from using my blog as a way to share my writing.

When did you start blogging and how has your blog evolved?

I started blogging a loooong time ago, Sarah. It was on LiveJournal and, I believe, it was 1999, if not a bit earlier. And the writing was terrible. Seriously. It was really bad.
This has been the evolution of my blog: journal to writing note book to way to try to impress women to Dawson’s Creek fan fiction to place to workshop bits of my novel to anti-government rants to cob webs to podcasts to… more writing. Soon.

Over half of that was true.

What piece of writing on your blog are you the most proud of? Why?

Oh. Man. This is a tough one. I once wrote a poem called “i like your bum” and told everyone I knew about it. I really think the comedy worked in “two dudes talking.”  You could ask me this question every day and I could give you a different reply.

And I’d likely start wondering about your memory.

What is the biggest challenge you face or have faced as a blogger?

I’ve always struggled with the privacy thing. Despite using my real name everywhere online, I am a private dude. When I first started blogging and readers would ask me where I’m from, I would reply, “Why?” It was even more of a challenge when I started dating a fellow blogger. Then there were two of us trying to figure out what content we were comfortable sharing. I voted that we share “Nothing. Not a damn thing!” But we settled on sharing a little, and making sure to discuss anything that might be touchy before posting.

What has been the most rewarding/exciting thing about blogging for you so far?

I feel like I’ll be in so much hot water if I don’t reply with “Met my girlfriend.” And it’s true. I was hopeful, as I figured out where blogging was going, that the 30-1 female-to-male ratio in its heyday could lead to me meeting a nice girl. And it did! Brilliant, sweet, fun, funny and scorching hot. Plus she’s short brunette! You know how irresistible they are.

But I’ve also met some other amazing people, and gained some great friends. Like you! I’ve worked on projects with like-minded folks. I’ve debated ideas with not-so-like-minded folks.

And I’ve practiced writing.

If you could take credit for someone else’s blog, whose would it be?

Tony Pierce’s Bus Blog. I feel like if he didn’t invent personal blogging – and I still give him credit
for it – he absolutely perfected it. When I was losing interest in livejournal, it was Tony who inspired me to start my own real blog. He’s been doing it for ever. And you’ll never mistake any other writing for his. I admire the shit out of that.

If you were a Golden Girl, which one would you be?

When I think about which Golden Girl I would be – and it is something I do quite often – I always seem to end up imaging myself as an amalgam of all of them. I have Dorothy’s biting wit. I have Sophia’s storytelling talents. I have Blanche’s undeniable sexuality. And I have Rose’s age-defying breasts.

What are three things you would eradicate from the world if you could?

Cancer. Hunger. Violence.

I feel like if we didn’t have those things on the planet, then surely, as a species, we could figure the rest out, right?

We might also have to send our politicians to colonize Mars.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Your reaction to an email I sent you earlier. But before that it was my girlfriend. Last night, after spending 30 minutes (probably 9 in reality) outside in Texas, where it was 39 American Degrees, she told me she thought she had frost bite on her toe. And I laughed. And then she showed me the thick socks she was wearing, inside her shoes, and I
laughed even more. Americans, right?

How do you define success?

If you’re happy with what you’re doing, and you’re being good to others, then you’re a success.

Especially if you’ve found yourself a hot brunette.

Well, I can hardly argue with that. Check out Pete’s blog and podcast here! ( I recommend starting with this one. Spoiler alert: the guest is me!) and follow him on Twitter here if you’re so inclined.

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