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Making Christmas (Cookies)

star shaped butter cookies with raspberry glaze

Every year I tell myself I’m just going to take it easy this Christmas.

I’m not going to kill myself baking for the masses (a couple of years ago I nearly bankrupted myself and lost my mind in pursuit of the perfect macaron), or obsessing over crafting beautiful gifts for everyone I’ve ever met. But every year, I find myself up to the eyebrows in flour and butter and sugar, churning out, if nothing else, my trademark star cookies.

Star shaped cookie cutters


The “recipe” is one taken from my mom’s days as an amazing baking entrepreneur. I say “recipe” because it’s really just a list of ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, egg yolk, salt)  upon which I have written a reminder to myself: “don’t chill dough.”

The rest was learned by osmosis I guess.

As much as I try to resist putting in the hours to make them, it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without them. This year was no exception.

star-shaped butter cookies

Do you guys have any labour-intensive holiday traditions you’ve tried (and perhaps failed) to give yourselves a pass on this year?

2 Responses to Making Christmas (Cookies)

  • HDJ says:

    I made exactly the same style cookies this year. They turned out pretty and tasty, but I feel like they went a little under appreciated; considering how much time they took to make. I’ve decided that thats the problem with Christmas baking: everyone does it, so no one is impressed by yours.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Oh man. I need to start hanging out with your friends. It sounds like they’re amazing bakers! Mine are still suitably impressed by these. 🙂

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