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LXL 3: Things You Can’t Tell Just by Looking at Her

Think you can judge a bubbly, brunette bookworm by her cover? Think again!

Also, did I ever tell you about the time blogging lead me to Spain? I’m sharing the story over on Diaries of an Essex Girl today!

Also, also, in case you missed my post “Ten Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence,” today it’s a featured post on BlogHer. I’m just all over these here internets today!

What do you think surprises people the most about you that they wouldn’t necessarily know just from looking at you?

6 Responses to LXL 3: Things You Can’t Tell Just by Looking at Her

  • Leanne says:

    I love your guest post about your trip with Andrea. I still wear the hat you crocheted me all through the winter. As I sit here, listening to a tiny human fight napping with every ounce of his wee body (seriously, kid?! I would nap if I could), I feel like I haven’t held up my part of the bargain. My blogging has FAILED. Before E, even. I always think about things I have to talk about; I even make notes! But when it comes to spilling out the characters on the keyboard, it just doesn’t sound as eloquent and poetic as it did in my head. Ha.

    I am also messy. I visit girlfriends’ places and have serious home envy. They all look like something from a magazine. I can’t believe how easy it looks to throw random things together. It’s not a talent I have. I also can’t be bothered to clean. Usually, B and I get around to it when clutter starts making one of us cranky. 😉 I had an ex-boyfriend who used to say to me, “I’m so glad you’re not a feminist.” He didn’t listen to me no matter how vehemently I argued that OF COURSE I AM A FEMINIST! I happen to bake cookies for people I love. I’m not a radical feminist by any means, but I absolutely want the best for all women — especially the right for women to live full lives doing whatever the hell they please.

    • metamorphocity says:

      I love that you still wear that hat! And I don’t think you’ve failed at all. Blogging can take so much out of you and sometimes you need an extended break. You can always email me your un-eloguent, non-poetic thoughts! I’ll bet the writing is better than you think!

      I’m so glad you can relate to my messyness! And I’m SO glad that boyfriend is an ex. Clearly he did not get you, or, you know, the importance of equal rights, respect and opportunity regardless of gender. Sigh.

  • MARTIN says:

    People always seem surprised that I like boxing so much. I guess people who read my blog will also be surprised too as I don’t really talk about it there, but yes, I love boxing. Watching, not particpating. XD

  • Erin says:

    You couldn’t fool me Sarah – I knew you weren’t wearing pants bc they’re the first thing you take off when you get in the door!

    Great post! I LOLed a lot 🙂

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