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Little Luxuries – A stylish, well-made umbrella

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Since it is now allegedly spring (although it definitely snowed more than it rained in Toronto yesterday, so I have my doubts), it’s time to pull out an April staple I’m surely be putting to good use in the next few weeks, the bumbershoot.

After numerous Charlie Chaplin-esque adventures with cheap, crummily-made umbrellas turning inside-out and all but dissolving at the first hint of rain over the years, I finally treated myself to the little luxury of a really well-made umbrella (or four).

I have a lovely one from The (oh-so-charming) Umbrella Shop on Granville island in Vancouver that wins my award for most useful souvenir ever and another by Fulton that I picked up at Outer Layer, here in Toronto.

Both are lightweight and properly engineered to withstand wind and even, (gasp!) rain. And both fold up to fit neatly into my purse.

Oh, and they’re adorable, to boot!

Do you guys put any thought into your umbrella purchases, or do you think I’m a 90-year-old for caring so much about rain protection?

7 Responses to Little Luxuries – A stylish, well-made umbrella

  • Peter DeWolf says:

    When you were a smalltown newspaper reporter, did you notice that people don’t seem to use umbrellas very often in small towns? I assume it is because people walk less often and drive everywhere.

    I’ve always liked them though. Feels like you’re saying, “nyah nyah!” to rain.

    I may be weird.

  • Shauna says:

    I own a cute, well made umbrella! Definitely a staple for living on the west coast. It was a gift from a wedding I was in…(Stacy’s) all the bridesmaids had matching umbrellas!

  • I always have to buy umbrellas made by a company Fulton. They’re the only umbrellas that I haven’t managed to break, and they also make them in patterns that I like. They’re as sturdy as golf umbrellas but not so cumbersome. The only problem is that they’re still quite big, so they don’t fit in my bag, and I’ve left more than a couple of them on trains. They’re £20 each so I hate to think how much money I’ve spent on umbrellas in the last ten years.

  • Manda says:

    I picked up a Totes umbrella from DSW two years ago and haven’t looked back since. So much sturdier than the cheapo ones sold at CVS and it even matches my rainboots!

  • I love umbrellas (or cumbrella as our 8 year old used to call them in toddler speak, when reaching for one). I had a monstrous black one for years that I used to keep in the boot of the car–got it at Shoppers Drug Mart, and that thing was a work horse. I’m not so much one for cute or adorable brollies per se, but I’ve seen one that was black on the outside and sky blue with soft clouds on the inside–thought that one was brilliant. I’m a big fan of the ones that art galleries sell, too, with a detail of your favourite painting, or a gorgeous William Morris print–I agree, they’re the best souvenirs ever!

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