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Little Luxuries – No Pants

Not wearing pants is one of the best little luxuries of living alone.

When I get home from work, the first thing I do is remove my pants (closely followed by my bra and my socks).

It’s not something I’ve always done. Often there were other people’s sensibilities to consider.

No pants is one of the luxuries of living alone.

My rule is simple: No one around? No pants! Though I do wear underwear or yoga shorts. You know, in case there’s a fire and I have to run outside. If it’s chilly, I throw on my big snuggly hooded robe sweater (pictured above) and shuffle around the place like Yoda.

I always assumed my childhood aversion to pants had to do with me wanting to wear dresses to practice for my eventual career: princess. But I think I just really like my legs to be free and unencumbered.

Too bad I grew up in the snow belt, where not just pants, but snow pants were required half the year.

This is why I can’t bring myself to judge women who wear leggings as pants. There’s a reason we don’t wear jeans, or god-forbid slacks to bed. Pants are just not that comfortable!

The only downside? It takes me a while to answer the door.

Please tell me I’m not alone with this one guys. Do you or have you ever lived alone? What kind of little luxuries has it allowed you to treat yourself to?


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23 Responses to Little Luxuries – No Pants

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ugh. Yes. Luckily my landlords keep my building at a terribly snuggly temperature. I hate being cold!

  • Manda says:

    Yessss! Although I’m usually wearing yoga pants. The idea that leggings are now being considered as pants still doesn’t sit well with me, but if I’m home alone then who cares?

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ha! I mean, I’d never try to enforce some kind of “everyone must wear leggings as pants” rule, but it certainly doesn’t bother me if other people value comfort to that degree.

  • mandy says:

    I worked from home for 4 years. The photo above was basically my daily uniform. Now that I’m back at work, this pants/slacks every day thing has taken some adjustments. Same with the bra – thankfully though, bralettes work just as well and are 10000x more comfortable 🙂

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ooh, yes. I’ve recently started collecting more and more wireless, unstructured bras. What a difference!

  • Ashley says:

    For me, it’s the shoes first. I can’t stand walking through the house in shoes, BUT next is the pants. Although I do replace the pants I was wearing out with track pants or pjs!

    xo Ashley

    • metamorphocity says:

      Oh definitely. I mean, I have to take the shoes off to get the pants of anyway. So they don’t stand a chance! 🙂

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ha! Yes! The bathroom door thing. I have to really watch myself on that one when someone comes over.

  • Erin says:

    I love this and can totally relate.

    The moment I walk in the door my bra is off and I put it on the dinning room table. Always on the dinning room table. Why the dinning room table? It’s the first thing I see when I get in the door and after along day at work I have to get that boa constrictor off!

    This used to annoy my boyfriend when we first moved in together, but I continued with this walk in the door ritual because it is so freeing! Now he accepts it.

    Though I do have to remember to run downstairs and grab my bra if my boyfriend is having company. While I don’t mind him seeing my bra on the table I’d really rather his friends or family members don’t. Over the years there have been a few close encounters!

    • metamorphocity says:

      Hahaha. I love this. As you know, my place is rarely fit for visitors without plenty of warning. A bra on the table wouldn’t be the half of it!

  • Alice says:

    As soon as I enter the door I rip of my bra and get into my pajamas, it’s such a release. This post made me giggle a little, because pants for me is underwear, so it sounded like you like being half naked XD

  • Irela says:

    Hahaha! I love this post! Trust me, you are not alone, I do the same thing. Except I honestly will probably end up being rescued in my underpants if there IS a fire, because not even the thought of that catastrophe can get me to wear pants around the house. I wear all these stuffy annoying clothes all day long for work (ugh…and the heels YUCK!) I’ll be damned if I am not comfortable when I’m home lol

    • metamorphocity says:

      Heels! Yes. I oh-so-rarely bother with them anymore but there are few things better than the feeling of finally kicking those things off at the end of a work day!

  • Sam says:

    I love how many people relate to this – I think the discomfort of clothing is something that brings us all together! This is precisely why I love living alone – in the summertime, it’s pretty much no clothes all the time. Although to be honest, living with people never really stopped my disdain for clothing.

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