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Little Luxuries – Splish Splash

all dressed up in a bathtub on new year's eve. The one thing my apartment in the country was missing was a bathtub. So when I moved to Toronto, I was thrilled to find an apartment in the city with a fully equipped bathroom.

It’s not that I’m at all adverse to showering, but sometimes (like when I have horrible cramps, or the city is caught in the icy grip of a polar vortex, for example), nothing beats sinking into a bubble bath.

Oddly, while I love a nice hot bath now and then, I categorically detest hot tubs. Something about the combo of heat, chemicals and the inability to fit myself into the contoured seats properly without my mouth and nose being underwater just makes me feel ill (and angry).

But a soak in my own tub where I control the temperature, and maybe toss a bath bomb or magnesium salts in there (a couple of my friends swear by tossing in some green tea bags) for good measure is just the ticket to soothe my overworked bod and warm up my frozen bones.

With the weather we’re having lately, if I could find a way to make my laptop waterproof, I’d never get out!

Are you guys bath or shower people? Surely some of you must share my hot tub aversion. Let me know in the comments!

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8 Responses to Little Luxuries – Splish Splash

  • LaReesa says:

    Yes I love baths! I just moved to an apartment that has only a shower which makes me sad sad sad.

    And I agree, I hate the chemicals of hot tubs and they are typically too hot to be comfortable. One of my friends has a tub outside on her deck which is about 30 feet from Lake Superior, though. It’s SO AWESOME to sit out there during the winter with red wine and watch the stars and gossip.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Oh that sounds totally gorgeous. I think I’d make an exception for that hot tub, though I’d still have a time limit! haha.

  • Shauna says:

    Whenever I’m apartment hunting, I’ve refused to settle for apartments with no tubs! It’s not that I use it that often, but if I didn’t have one I know i’d miss it. I actually have been taking a lot more baths since the BF decked me out with Lush bath products for Christmas! Also, hot tubs make me feel ill. I like the idea, but I never feel as good in them as I think I will.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Yes! I knew I couldn’t be the only person with a hot tub aversion. Your fella is such a dear. I looovve cozying up in the tub with a book and a Lush bath bomb.

  • I was NEVER a bath person, but randomly one day about three weeks ago I took a bath and have taken one EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since. I’m literally addicted to them. Even when I’m tired and should probably just go to sleep, I have to take a bath first. Anyways, I love baths and I’m glad this post made me feel a little less crazy. 🙂

  • Ben Forrest says:

    Baths are a guilty pleasure for me. I usually have one on Saturday or Sunday morning, as a way of dragging out the process of waking up. I’ve been so tall for so long that I haven’t fit normally into a tub since I was about 11 years old. But I find ways to make it work. It’s not a dude thing, and definitely not a tall dude thing. But I love it.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Ha! I never would have pegged you for a bath man! (sounds like a sad superhero. haha) We have the exact opposite problem with hot tubs. Your knees will be out in the cold air while I spend all my time trying not to drown.

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