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A Life Unplugged

A tech-free afternoon stalking (and wearing!) flowers in the park.

A tech-free afternoon stalking (and wearing!) flowers in the park.

Relieved as I was this weekend to finally pick up my dear old laptop from the repair shop, I have to say it was lovely to have a little break from it.

While I was by no means completely technology deprived (I work on a computer all day and carry around and care for my phone like it’s a tamagotchi), it was still quite a change to not have every tool and distraction the internet has to offer (and a decent-sized screen to interact with said distractions) at my fingertips every hour of the day.

Without it, I found myself reading more, going to bed earlier, listening to more music, taking more photos, lounging out of doors, gardening, playing catch (Catch! Imagine!), and reading from a hilarious 1950s magazine for young ladies to my friends by candlelight on my deck.

BUT I didn’t write.

I thought that maybe the absence of my keyboard would just send me scrambling for the romantic glitter pens and notebooks of my youth, but alas, no. I’ve been too seduced by the speed and ease of correction a computer offers when I want to get my thoughts down.

So for that reason, I’m really happy to have the old girl back.

But I think I’ll try to remember to unplug a bit more on my own, preferably without spilling liquids on my expensive electronics in order to remind myself of the value of some time off from technology.

Have you guys unplugged lately?

3 Responses to A Life Unplugged

  • Alaina says:

    I didn’t have my phone for almost 2 weeks. Everyone I usually communicate with complained (because I was unreachable) but I loved it. It was liberating!

  • Manda says:

    I unplugged in the same way you did for the 10 days I spent in South America and it was the best decision ever. It led to a whole new outlook on how I wanted to approach blogging and a domain name switcheroo! Woohoo!

  • Not bringing my computer on my 4 day vacation was wonderful. I checked email less (and also had set up an away response). Even though I popped into Twitter and Instagram regularly, I didn’t feel pressure to sit down and give a lot of time to the computer. Every so often that is a wonderful feeling!

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