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Kurtis, Karaoke and Cocktails with Mom


Little India Collage

I can only resist so many tables of sparkly, spangly bracelets, and only no tables of snacks. These airy, crispy chickpea morsels were fantastic!

My mom came to visit this past weekend and we did nine thousand billion things.

One of the highlights (aside from renting a late-night karaoke room where my mom quickly became far too adept at entering all of her song choices into the system with the Korean remote control for my liking. Just kidding mom. Love your song choices!) was checking out the South Asian street festival in Little India.

We stupidly ate brunch before venturing out to the East side and were kicking ourselves the moment we smelled all of the amazing food on offer, but we managed a little snack or two and had a grand old time browsing the gorgeous jewlery and fabrics.

We were also lucky enough to catch a couple of dance performances. The dancer pictured above told a ten minute story of a god and his devotee through her dance. The precision of her movements, coupled with her beautifully expressive face were mesmerizing. I love thinking about all the ways people find to tell stories.

Hot Grill

It wound up being a scorchingly hot day…


Indian fabric

Fortunately my mom bought ten thousand heavy sheets for us to carry around.

But after some more walking all over the city and shopping she treated me to a delicious dinner at Grace, where we cooled right down with some seriously pretty cocktails.

Pink cocktail with lavender

Possibly delirious from the heat at this point, I exclaimed “PRETTY! It looks like a drink for a PRINCESS!” To which my mom archly replied, “I don’ t care what you say, I’m NOT putting on a tiara.” She knows me too well.

She did, however, let me put her hair up. And wore it out even though I'm pretty sure she hated it. But look at that beautiful face!

She did, however, let me put her hair up. And wore it out even though I’m pretty sure she hated it. But look at that beautiful face!

Airing out our armpits.

Airing out our armpits at the end of the day. Like ladies.


10 Responses to Kurtis, Karaoke and Cocktails with Mom

  • Alaina says:

    Her sock bun is fantastic and she looks beautiful!!

    You’re nice looking too…whatever 😛

    Hurray for moms!!!

  • What is that food? It looks unbelieveable! Going to have to hit up the kitchen now to find something to soak up all my drool! (Mmmm! Attractive, I know!)

    Your mom is absolutely beautiful, and she should wear her hair up more often, she has great features! I can see where you got them from!

    • metamorphocity says:

      I wish I could remember what they were called! They were these pillowy, crispy litle savoury pastry shells with chickpeas, onions and spices and a sweet sauce. So good!

  • Peggy says:

    This reminds me of my pre-marriage fun time with my dear mommy. This time around, I should probably take her out to have some fun while she is still in town with me. BTW, you and your mom look so lovely in the photo.

    • metamorphocity says:

      Aw, thanks Peggy! You should definitely try and get in a one-on-one date with your mom before she leaves!

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