A Toronto Transformation


One of the unexpected things that have come along with having some fairly significant life changes suddenly pop into view on the horizon recently is the overwhelming desire to get my affairs in order. I’m struck by the urge to take classes! Learn French! Eat healthy!  Be tidy!

And for Pete’s sake, exercise!

Unfortunately, as I’ve been distracted by the near constant endorphin high of falling crazy in love and investing my time in five-hour Skype conversations accordingly, the Bikram practise I was keeping up has fallen woefully by the wayside. Sure, I’m strolling (lounging more likely) around all blissfully happy, but the bod is starting to creak and pop and ache its grievances known.

Still, it’s hard to head back into that 40-degree windowless basement room now that the weather outside is mostly gloriously sunny and warm. Basically impossible really. I can hardly be held responsible.

So, I’m left searching for something new to keep my muscles from melting and my joints from fusing me into the shape of my office chair. Luckily (haha) the massive blood clot in my leg helps narrow my list of potential physical activities, and I’ve narrowed it down my potential summer exercise to pilates and/or swimming.

I’ve never done pilates and it sounds not terrible. And, while I’m pretty sure not a swimming lesson went by that I didn’t try to get out of as a kid, I always really loved it once I was in the water and I was actually a very strong little minnow.

I also strangely prided myself on the ability (superpower really) to see underwater. This really just meant that I squinted a lot and left the pool with eyes on fire with chlorine, which may have accounted for some of my reluctance to return to the pool every week.

Well, that and the horrible scarf/hood combination tube my parents would insist I wear home to prevent ear infections from September to June. I looked like weird pink ET. Not good.

However, as that guy I’m marrying recently pointed out, there are these wonderful devices called “goggles”  (ridiculous word) that allow you to splash around to your heart’s content with eyes wide open.

So I’m pretty much out of excuses.

Make no mistake, I am pretty darned content with my life as is but shaking things up means new opportunities and challenges, and I want to be as prepared as possible to face them.

I just want to clear up all of the little distractions (like health) that are lurking around waiting to block my path so that I can step forward onto it with confidence and strength. And killer abs.

I mean…

With confidence and strength and (begoggled) eyes wide open.

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