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Banding Together to Overcome an Eating Disorder

Ingrid My friend’s lovely sweetheart of a sister, Ingrid, has been struggling to overcome an eating disorder for some time now.

While she and her family have been doing everything in their power to keep the disease at bay, lately the disorder is taking a dangerous toll on her health.

One of the many frightening things about dealing with an eating disorder, is the way it can dramatically skew the perspective of a person in its grip. It can whisper horrible things about how they’re undeserving of love and help and happiness and it can convince them that nothing is really wrong.

Thankfully, Ingrid has come to a point where she can acknowledge that she is in urgent need of help. She recognizes the value of being immersed in a residential program specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.

Tragically though, while there are some subsidized beds in local in-patient eating disorder programs, it can take months or even years for a subsidized space to open up.

The way eating disorders are treated (or ignored) within our healthcare system is seriously flawed and Ingrid’s situation just demonstrates to me why two-tiered healthcare is completely immoral. I guarantee you that someone with easier access to funds does not deserve help more than Ingrid.

The family knows Ingrid can’t afford to wait, but they also simply can’t afford to pay for a space for her on their own. So last week, Ingrid’s mom launched an Indiegogo Campaign to try to raise the funds they need.

While it’s heartbreaking to read in Ingrid and her mom’s own words about the devastating effect the disorder is having on Ingrid and how frightened the family is that she may not survive it if she doesn’t get the help she needs, it has been incredibly inspiring to see both how brave Ingrid is, and how the family’s community, and many perfect strangers have come together to help raise enough money to get Ingrid the help she needs now.

If you are able to lend a hand, even if it’s just by sharing the link to the campaign with your own community, I know the family would be extremely grateful, and hopefully we can open a wider discussion about how we treat eating disorders in this country so that lovely, dynamic women like Ingrid don’t continue to fall through the cracks.

One Response to Banding Together to Overcome an Eating Disorder

  • Leslie says:

    It is very troubling that people suffering from this disease are not able to access timely treatment. Eating disorders are on the rise in Canada. Families who are struggling to help the person affected by this life-threatening disease do not need the added stress of trying to fund-raise to pay for treatment. My heart goes out to them and I admire them for going public for Ingrid and others like her. Perhaps in addition to contributing people could consider writing their MPP to express their concern.

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