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How to Make a Fall Leaf Bouquet

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial

Last weekend, while I was waiting for my clothing swap buddies to arrive, I came across a so-called tutorial for making roses out of leaves on Pinterest. As with many a “DIY” project, while the finished product looked lovely, the instructions were sorely lacking. Still, I muddled about and enlisted the help of one of the more artistically-minded swap attendees who made the mistake of arriving first to find me covered in maple leaves and washi tape and we finally figured out a technique that worked for us.

I thought I’d document the process step by step for any of you who are feeling the fall craft bug or whose tables are sorely lacking decoration now that the Toronto Flower Market season is over.

How to Make a Fall Leaf Bouquet

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial1. Start with one of your smaller leaves (leave the nicest, largest ones for the outer layer). Fold down all the points, coloured side out.

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial2. roll the leaf up tightly, points in.

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial3. Fold the second leaf the same way, and roll the first leaf tightly inside the second.

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial4.Repeat with two or three additional leaves, depending on how big you want the flower to be.

leafflowers5 5. To create the “petals” wrap one of the larger leaves around the rolled up leaves, keeping a tight grip on the base, close to the stems and letting the top roll in a little looser.

leafflowers6 6. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

leafflowers7 fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial7. wrap a little washi tape around the base of the flower.

fall leaf flower bouquet tutorial8. Pop them in a mason jar, et voila! A cheap and cheerful fall bouquet for the table!

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