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Escaping Winter at Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl florists Toronto

Gardening was probably the furthest thing from most Torontonians’ minds this weekend. We finally had our first real blast of snowy, Canadian winter, and I’m sure most of the saner residents stayed close to home.

But not this intrepid blogger. There were birthdays and holiday parties to attend, and, on Sunday I was on bridesmaid detail and our mission was floral in nature. So I bundled up and braved the cold to meet my lovely betrothed pal and a couple other members of the bridal party at Coriander Girl, which turned out to be the cutest damned florist I’ve ever encountered.

Antique Buggy at Coriander Girl Toronto

Cards and antiques at Coriander Girl, Toronto

Antique cash register at Coriander Girl, Toronto

Coriander Girl Toronto

Wedding consult at Coriander Girl Flowers Toronto


I was clearly a huge help in making flower decisions as I could not stop wandering around and snapping photos of the sweet antiques and curios that fill every little corner of this treasure trove of a shop.

Luckily, Tellie, the shop’s wedding co-ordinator is clearly a pro (started at age 13!) and had lots of sage (heh) advice to offer.

I sometimes get a little squirmy about wedding industry related consults, but the vibe of the shop and the women working there was really warm and relaxed.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, I definitely recommend popping in to say hello, if only for a little breath of spring in winter.

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