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A Bug’s Eye View of Riverdale Farm

Siberian Squill macro photo closeup at Riverdale Farm

Ever since babyhood, one of my favourite places in Toronto has been Riverdale Farm.

This charming little piece of rural Ontario makes for a charming stroll or picnic locale in summer, and while the colourful gardens aren’t yet in full bloom, there are already tons of brave little blossoms leading the way into spring.


I didn’t feel like carting around my beloved camera today, but I did have my photojojo macro and wide angle lenses handy to capture a few of them and I’m pretty happy with the results!

As far as I can tell, these gorgeous tiny blue flowers might be Siberian Squill. Any botany enthusiasts care to help me out with that one?


Siberian Squill at Riverdale Farm



Don’t the ends of these teensy stems look like mini macarons? Or am I just dessert-obsessed?

Riverdale Farm gates hough park bench


Baby Goat at Riverdale Farm Spring 2014No visit to Riverdale Farm would be complete without saying hello to the creatures that live here. The goats are by far my favourite. They’re so dear and silly and friendly. I once overheard a tiny tot on his dad’s shoulders exclaim, “MONKEYS!” upon spotting some of the new baby goats in their enclosure. It was a great reminder of how important it is for city kids to have the chance to learn a bit about farm animals, if only so that they don’t go around confusing goats and monkeys their whole lives.

Riverdale Farm windmill




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