A Toronto Transformation

5 Things that Made Me Laugh This Week

1. My mom referring to the band U2 as “Youtube” and immediately begging me not to tell my brother as I howled away (sorry, mom).

2. The idea of leaving people anonymous notes that just said “stop it” with no context provided.

3. The old-timey absurdity of Angie Tribeca. Have you watched it? It has all the dad joke humour I love, plus Rashida Jones. What’s not to like?

4. When I treated my hair to a coconut/lemon olive oil wrap (yes, my head smelled DELICIOUS) in an effort to give it a break from some of the heat styling damage I’ve done to it lately. After shampooing and rinsing about six times, I tried to let it air dry, and thought everything was fine until I woke up Thursday morning with the coiffure of a wet muskrat and no time for another rinse before work. Ha. Ha. Ha.

5. This stupid, stupid old vine. Because it always makes me laugh.

What had you chuckling this week? 

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